September’s “You Rock!” winner

Jenny Burris


Parent Involvement Team

(P.I.T. Crew)

Characteristics of a PIT Crew





*Facilitate with Design and Fabrication*

PIT Crew Board

President (Crew Chief): Scarlett Overbay-Inman

Preside at Board and General Membership meetings; recruit and coordinate volunteers; assist with all committees.

Vice-President (Pit Crew Coach): Carri Faircloth

Preside at meetings in the absence of the President; keep parent website information up-to-date; assist with committee projects.

Secretary: Leslie Emmert

Maintain a current copy of by-laws; record and distribute

minutes of meetings.

Treasurer: Audra Barbour

Collect all monies for Parent Involvement Team and maintain custody of funds; process expenditures approved by the Board.

Contact the PIT Crew at

PIT Crew Parent Volunteer Form

PIT Crew

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